File documents possible Thinkbelt development in old industrial net between Nottingham and Sheffield, England (after Cedric Price [1] [2] [3]).

“The proposal calls for a network of educational facilities for 20,000 students to be located over a 200 square mile area north of London. Moveable components, including fold-out lecture/demonstration units, rail-based teaching units, self-teach carrel units, faculty units, and housing units, are to be dispersed along the rail system. Existing conditions materials include regional aerial photographs with overlays of the rail system, and photographs, photo collages and panoramas of the region. Schematic sketches and drawings show my development of Cedric Price’s design. Regional plans examine links between new and existing rail systems and national transportation networks and their projected use. Diagrammatic plans illustrate the relationships between recommended functions/activities attributed to specific areas. Detailed plans, sections, elevations, and axonometric drawings show housing types (sprawl, battery, capsule, and crate), faculty and transfer areas in Teversal, Clipstone Colliery, and Hucknall. Other materials include regional land-use plans, photomontages with drawn perspectives, thumbnail sketches, life-span charts, conceptual sketches, aerial photographs and reprographic¬†copies, some rendered and annotated.”

(Canadian Centre for Architecture, 2009, Norman Fellows’s amendments)


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